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Experience a taste of Korea with the delicious sweet and mildly spicy Traditional Red Pepper Paste Seasoned Seaweed (Cheongtae). Cheongtae is rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron and alkali. This Cheongtae is made with savory, sweet, and slightly spicy red pepper paste made in-house before being dried in an advanced indoor dryer. It’s then baked in a specialized dryer to achieve it’s wonderfully crispy, crunchy texture. This Cheongtae strives to be healthier by being baked rather than fried in oil and avoiding starch syrup as well as artificial seasonings, preservatives, or artificial coloring. 


  • After opening, keep in sealed zip pack and place in freezer to maintain the crispy texture. 
  • If it gets damp, simply heat in a frying pan for 1-2 minutes to regain its crispy texture. 
Traditional Red Pepper Paste Seasoned Seaweed (Cheongtae) 6 Bags per Box (24 sheets total)
$35.87 $55.19