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Savor the famous Hanchae dried persimmon as a healthy and nutritious snack for all ages, even picky eaters like young children! 

All-natural with no preservatives or synthetic additives, Hanchae dried persimmons are carefully selected only in Cheongdo, North Gyeongsang Province, the best place to produce persimmon in Korea. It’s Korea's only seedless persimmon renown for its natural sweetness and delightfully soft consistency. Compared to other dried persimmons that are dried by high-temperature heating, Hanchae immediately stores and ships their persimmons fresh without refrigeration. This preserves the rich taste, nutrition, and moisture in the fruit resulting in a moist, chewy texture like jelly.  Deliciously sweet, soft, and chewy, it’s truly nature’s original chewy candy! 


  • Easy to eat whenever or wherever you travel, work, or vacation. 
  • It even pairs excellently with wine and cheese, making it the perfect starter for dinners with guests! 
  • Cut dried persimmons with nuts and add as a tasty (and aesthetic) topping for yogurt parfaits, cereal, ice cream, or even milk and teas! 
  • Product may vary in color and consistency depending on the season and time of processing. 
  • Refrigerate immediately upon receiving as the product is extremely fresh.
  • After opening, please eat as soon as possible to maintain the freshness of the product.
  • The white powder on the surface of persimmon is crystallized malt sugar. Enjoy with peace of mind.


  • 100% Persimmon 50g per Pack
100% Natural Dried Persimmon 50g (10 Bags per Box)
$14.99 $29.99

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