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Safe time, energy, and mess from cooking with the spicy, aromatic flavor of 100% Natural Sliced Cheongyang Green Pepper. 

Convenient, easy, and simple to use, Cheongyang Green Pepper Slices makes cooking any dish absolutely effortless! No need to spend time and effort slicing, removing debris, and cleaning the cutting board. 

The native Korean Cheongyang pepper is an essential ingredient in Korean cuisine. The naturally spicy and slightly smoky flavor of the Cheongyang pepper will spice up any dish without relying on additional synthetic flavor enhancers. Only carefully selected, 100% Korean Cheongyang peppers are used with absolutely no additives, preservatives or synthetic ingredients.

Fresh pre-chopped Cheongyang Green Pepper is preserved using an innovative, low-temperature vacuum drying method that preserves its amazing flavor and aroma. It’s so effective that when soaked in water, the peppers return to their original sliced ​​state.No more feeling wasteful by having to throw away old vegetables as the dried Cheongyang Green Peppers slices can be stored for a long time. Conveniently packed in resealable zipper pouches so you can sprinkle a little bit of spice whenever and wherever you like! 


SKU: 100010110614
100% Natural Sliced Cheongyang Green Pepper 25g
$7.25 $9.07

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