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Abishag Riceball Fruits are made with organic rice, organic sugar, and 100% fruit powders with nothing else added. This is a delicious healthy snack for kids and adults!

No Preservatives, No Food Coloring, No Flavor Enhancer
Made in a HACCP-Certified facility.

Ingredients: Organic rice 78%, mandarin orange powder, apple powder, strawberry powder, apple concentrate, organic sugar
This product is manufactured in the same manufacturing facilities as products using milk, soybean, shrimp, and wheat.

Nutrition Facts (serving size: 30g): Calories 110 / Fat 0g / Cholesterol 0mg / Sodium 0mg / Carbohydrate 26g / Fiber 0g / Sugar 3g / Protein 2g

EXP. DATE: 11/25/2021