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Instill healthy eating with the delicious and nutritious children’s Kimjaban Original Seaweed Flakes. This tasty Korean treat is low in sodium and made with fresh, hand-picked seaweed and fermented soy sauce resulting in a healthy, light, and savory flavor children will love!

Featuring fresh nori seaweed, one of the most nutrient-dense seaweeds with a high vitamin A, mineral, and protein content. The nori seaweed is expertly hand-picked and crushed to release its natural umami, fresh sea taste before being mixed with fermented soy sauce, soybean flour, sesame oil and olive oil. Unlike traditional soy sauce, fermented soy sauce has a lower sodium content and is packed with savory flavor.  Kids will love the healthy, light, delicious taste of seasoned Kimjaban Seaweed Flakes. Perfect with rice! 



  • Kim Ja-ban (domestic, organic) 34.51%, olive oil, Sesame oil (domestic), yellow sugar (yugidong), sesame (domestic), soy sauce powder, (Domestic), Soybean powder (Domestic)
  • Contains allergens soybean and wheat