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$379.99 $409.99

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Enjoy delicious, perfectly fluffy rice with Black Diamond Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker WHA-LX1000iD (10 Cup). Featuring a black diamond-coated inner cooking pot and preset modes that can adapt to multiple types of rice with specialized timing and temperature adjustments for the perfect batch of rice.  Choose between sticky, medium, and regular rice! The preset modes include plain, brown, mixed, barley, and even the Korean favorite, nurungji, or crunchy rice. The black diamond-coated pot’s durability allows it to make this tasty Korean treat effortlessly. Expect the perfect rice for any dish with Cuchen. 

The graphic Color FND Lighting Touch Display features a voice navigation system in Korean. Also includes a  preset timer, steam/slow cooking modes, keep-warm/reheat modes, and the power-saving key backlight display. 

The “Smart” Keep-Warm system keeps the temperature regularity by detecting the outside and inside temperatures of the cooking pot. The “Reserve” Keep-Warm system minimizes loss of moisture to evaporation to prevent drying and discoloration of rice. The one-touch auto cleaning makes cleaning an absolute breeze! Simply add a little water into the pot and select “auto-cleaning.” High-pressure steam cleans every spot and prevents clogging in the nozzles. The stainless steel cover is also detachable for hand washing.


  • 10 Cup
  • Black + Silver
  • Inner Cooking Pot – Black Diamond Coated
  • Voice Notification:
    • LX 10 Cup - Korean
  • Rice Taste Control:
    • 3 Pressure Levels: sticky, medium, regular
    • Preset Modes: plain, brown, mixed, barley, and nurungji
  • Preset Timer
  • Graphic Color FND Lighting Touch Display
  • Stainless Steel Clean Cover – detachable
  • One-touch Auto Cleaning Mode
  • Steam Keep Warm / Reheat
  • Steam / Slow Cooking Modes
  • Power Saving Key Backlight Display
  • 19 Safety Devices
  • Made in Korea
[SEPARATE FREE SHIPPING] Cuchen Black Diamond Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker WHA-LX1000iD (10 Cup)
$379.99 $409.99