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  • BOGEN persists in using high quality stainless and PVD Coating procedure.

  • Matt Finish Upper Part and Chopsticks Handle
  • 18-10 Stainless contains 18% of chromium and 10% Nickel. These to numbers, 18 and 10, refer to the chromium and nickel content, which gives flatware its rust-resistance and silver-like shine properties. 18-10 stainless steel provides the highest amount of nickel producing the greatest resistance to rust and longest held polish. 18-10 stainless steel is harmless to human, easy to clean, and strong to heat.

  • Polycarbonate also has very good heat resistance and can be combined with flame retardant materials without significant material degradation. Polycarbonate plastics have really a high value for anyone to use, and polycarbonate plastic is moldable, durable, lightweight, and flame resistant.

  • They have various colors (Hand Wash Recommended).

  • Component : 1 Korean Spoon, 1 Fork, and 1 Chopsticks
  • Shipping & Handling Time is 2-3 Weeks

    Special Instruction:

    1. Please do not use detergent which contains hydrogen peroxide.
        Use of the typical detergent may peel off the surface of titanium-clad or cause discoloration.

    2. Please use soft material to wash products.  

    3. Please do not use dishwasher.

    4. Prolonged exposure to salt-containing water can lead to discoloration.

    Made in Korea



Hankook Chinaware’s authentic bone china has proven to be the best out of Korea for 70 years! 

Their excellent designs and high-quality products have actually elevated Korea’s reputation for exceptional porcelain. It didn’t take long for them to get recognized for their amazing products.  The Blue House features a specially commissioned line of Hankook Chinaware requested by the First Lady in 1973. She needed chinaware of such quality that she could serve high-ranking officials visiting from overseas with pride.  Now, over 80 countries all over the world are clamoring for Hankook Chinaware! 

The British Royal Family selected Hankook Chinaware’s luxury Prouna Queen’s Diamond Jubilee line for the celebration of the 60th Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. In 1990, the Vatican sent out a special request to Hankook Chinaware for an exclusive chinaware line depicting the birth of Jesus and his words. There’s even a design depicting the signature of Pope John Paul II! 

Their products are also featured in popular K-Dramas as well! Several lines of their luxury coffee and tea sets were showcased in episodes of JTBC The World of the Married, Sky Castle, and much more. Fans can now order the same sets such as the Rose Clara Coffee Line and the luxury Myeongbogi Tea Set to recreate their favorite episodes! 

Hankook Chinaware is produced in Korea with natural raw materials and a meticulous refining process. They use high-quality, natural bone ash at a higher percentage level than the normal international standard. By containing close to 50% bone ash, Hankook Chinaware’s bone-china products are beautifully designed, light yet durable, and even help keep food warm!