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Bonghwa Sanchae Premium Gochugaru is made with naturally healthy red pepper seeds only. Bonghwa Sanchae's red pepper powder comes directly from the local Korean farm in Bonghwa, Kyungbook. Used as a seasoning, soup base, and finisher, “gochugaru” is quintessential for authentic Korean cuisine!  Made in a HACCP certified facility.

Red pepper powder (gochugaru) is an essential ingredient in Korean cuisine. It’s the main flavor behind kimchi for crying out loud! Korean red pepper powder has a unique taste that can’t be replicated by other types of chili flakes or peppers in traditional Korean recipes.


  • Use it as a seasoning for almost any recipe (maybe not dessert) to add a spicy kick to your final dish! 

Ingredients: 100% Red Pepper Powder (made in Korea)

Bonghwa Sanchae Premium Gochugaru Natural Red Pepper Powder 500g (Mild or Regular Spiciness)
$29.59 $36.99