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$38.64 $48.30

Rejuvenate your body with Cconma’s Hardwood Massage Roller featuring 100% Cypress wood. Each roller is crafted from native Korean Cypress trees in the Jeolla Province (Suncheon, Jangseong, Haenam, Jangheung, Gangjin, etc.). The high-quality wood yields clean, well-rounded, smooth wood grains with an absolutely amazing feel and even aroma! The Cypress wood roller performs effective massage on key areas including the neck, waist, arms, legs, pelvis, and ankles. 

Cypress wood boasts excellent natural sterilization and antibacterial properties. It contains phytoncide which is a source of natural antibacterial ingredients that help fight against various germs, fungi, and bacteria. 


  • Size: 500 (W) by 75 mm
Cconma Cypress Hardwood Massage Roller (500*75mm)
$38.64 $48.30