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Enjoy the savory, authentic taste of Cold Pressed Raw Perilla Oil by Choong Chung Commerce.  Featuring fresh perilla oil extracted from 100% Korea-grown perilla seeds 

Add the savory flavor and rich nutrition of Korean perilla oil to your cooking! Perfect as seasoning, sauce, or cooking base for Korean cuisine. You can add it as a dressing for salads, rice porridge, and even yogurt! Perilla oil is packed with healthy nutrients including various vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. Healthy fats are key in helping our body grow, developing our brain, and absorbing vitamins. 

Choong Chung Commerce Premium Raw Perilla Oil is cold-pressed to keep all of the nutrition in and all of benzopyrene out. This preserves the high-quality flavor, aroma, and nutrition of natural perilla seeds.  


  • Made with 100% Korea Grown Perilla Seeds 
  • No benzopyrene (carcinogen)
  • Processed at a HACCP certified facility
  • Uses 3-layer filtering system to get the purest sesame oil