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Chungjungone Korean BBQ Bulgogi Marinade for Beef 29.6 oz (1.8 lb)(840g) 

Country of Origin: Korea

Brand: Chungjungone O'Food

Ingredients: Sugar, Soy Sauce (soybean, wheat, salt, rice, syrup, alcohol (to preserve freshness), Disodium inosinate, Disodium guanylate), Sucralose, Water, Yeast extract, Salt, Garlic, Alcohol (to preserve freshness), Ginger, Black pepper powder, Disodium inosinate, Disodium guanylate, Modified corn starch, Citric acid, Xanthan gum.

Allergy Statement: CONTAINS WHEAT, SOYBEAN. 

* O'Food is a global grand of Chung Jung One, Korea's leading food brand.

Chungjungone O'Food Korean BBQ Bulgogi Sauce & Marinade for Beef