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This classic Korean favorite is highly versatile as a side dish for dinner or the perfect simple snack on the go! Only fresh, carefully-selected, 100% domestic Korean squid is grilled and dried using traditional Korean techniques. For centuries Koreans used specialized grilling and drying techniques to intensify the taste and preserve ingredients for the winter without compromising its nutritional benefits.  

Savory, slightly sweet, and extremely tasty to the point of addictive, it’s a great source of essential nutrients like zinc, selenium, and B12. Once you try it, you may end up finishing the bag! Say goodbye to beef jerky and try the delicious and nutritious grilled Korean squid snack! 


  • Recommended keeping refrigerated or frozen as the product tends to harden when too dry.


Ingredient List

  • Real Squid (Korean) 95%, sugar 1.27%, salt 0.43%, sodium glutamate, 3.4%, sorbic acid 0.001%
Classic Grilled Korean Dried Squid 100g
$12.24 $15.30

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