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This Korean pickled red pepper leaf is a deliciously sweet and tangy spicy side dish (banchan) that goes perfectly with any kind of Korean food. It’s loaded with so much flavor that it pairs well with even just plain rice!

The Korean red pepper leaf is seasoned and marinated in a delicious blend of Korean soy sauce, sun salt, and a few other secret ingredients. Korean red pepper leaves aren’t spicy despite the name. The leaf of the red pepper has a distinctively sweet and sour flavor that makes it a highly versatile side dish. Every ingredient from the Korean red pepper leaves to the seasonings is grown and harvested right at Bae Ga Won Farms! Savory, chewy, and bursting with flavor just like how mom used to make! 


    Red pepper leaf 65%, soy sauce (purified water, skim soybean), vinegar, sugar, sun salt

    CheongyangGol Pickled Red Pepper Leaf 500g
    $10.46 $11.63