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Energize your body and mind for those busy workdays with the delicious, nutritious, and satisfyingly filling mixed Nut Konjac Porridge by Half a Calorie! The sweet, creamy, buttery flavors of sweet pumpkin is blended with high-quality konjac into a deliciously rich and nutritionally dense porridge.  Ready to eat instantly without the time, effort, or hassle of cooking and cleaning! 

Konjac is a key ingredient with multiple health benefits in improving gut health, healing wounds, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and promoting weight loss. Its rich texture and dense nutrition are perfect for easy, quick, fast-digesting yet highly energizing porridges for those with little time to eat in their busy schedules. 

With a natural subtle flavor, Konjac is easily complemented by rich, equally-nutritious and delicious natural ingredients like sweet pumpkin, oat, nut, and white meat chicken! The convenient pouch packaging is designed for easy access, portability, and effective storage at room temperature.  


  • Safety Management Certification 
  • HACCP Certified


  • Sweet Pumpkin and Konjac 130g (59kcal.) 
  • Purified water, sweet pumpkin paste, rice grain konjac (konjac powder 5%, calcium hydroxide), sugar, raw glutinous rice powder, potato starch, rice, whole milk powder, salt, milk.
  • Contains milk.
  • Made in the same facilities as milk, soybean, peanut, walnut, pine nut, tomato, beef, chicken, peaches, and shellfish (including oysters, abalone, and mussels).

Try and enjoy all 3 amazing, low-calorie, highly nutritious porridge flavors made ready to eat instantly! 

  • Sweet Pumpkin and Konjac Porridge
  • Oat and Konjac Porridge
  • Nut and Konjac Porridge

Each porridge packet is packed with essential nutrients for maximum energy and performance from carefully selected, all-natural, high-quality ingredients. 

SKU: 100010110794
Sweet Pumpkin and Konjac Porridge from Half a Calorie (130g) (7 Packs per Box at 1 Box)
$14.02 $17.53

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