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You’ll forget all about regular potato chips once you try Tigak Tegak’s fried kelp chips!  Crunchy, sweet, and lightly salted with no MSG. Fibrous, deep ocean kelp is full of natural organic salts that give the chips their delightfully light and slightly salty flavor. The seaweed is battered in glutinous rice and fried in vegetable oil adding a sweet, light taste in the final chip! Delicious and nutritious, seaweed chips are perfect for kids and adults alike! Taste the natural sea flavor with no added coloring, MSG, and harmful chemical additives. 


  • Seaweed contains iodine and tyrosine and is a good source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Also provides fiber and polysaccharides that can support gut health. 
  • Healthy taste seasoned with deep seawater!
  • Deep seawater (600m below sea level) is rich in minerals and organic matter with nutrients such as phosphoric acid, nitric acid, ammonium, and silicic acid.
  • Free from bacteria and processed in HACCP Certified Facilities.
  • The sweet and light taste made with glutinous rice is a must-have!

Ingredient List 

  • Kelp (domestic) 56%, glutinous rice 10% (domestic), starch 11% (US 100%), wheat flour 16% (US 100%) Corn Oil 6%, Lactobacillus 0.2%, sugar 0.7%, burned molten salt 0.1%

Crispy Kelp Chips 80g (2 Bags per Order)
$11.39 $14.24