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Korean spice captured in a tasty crispy snack! Crunchy, sweet, and lightly salted with no MSG. Freshly harvested Korean chili peppers are first brined in deep seawater rich in minerals and organic nutrients such as phosphoric acid, nitric acid, and silicic acid. This gives the peppers a delightfully light and slightly salty flavor. The peppers are then battered in glutinous rice and fried in sunflower oil adding a sweet, light taste in the final crisp! Delicious and nutritious, these pepper chips are a must-try! 


  • Peppers contain natural capsaicin, great for boosting metabolism and aiding digestive health. 
  • Healthy taste seasoned with deep seawater!
  • Deep seawater is rich in minerals and organic matter with nutrients such as phosphoric acid, nitric acid, ammonium, and silicic acid. 
  • The sweet and light taste made with glutinous rice is a must-have!