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Stock your pantry with the delicious Crown Magu Magu Snack Collection featuring 8 of their popular snack flavors! Each flavor gives a crunchy, delicious, savory bite filled with flavor! 

Choose between: 

  • Crown C Corn Chip – Savory corn-flavored snack 23g (2 Packs) 
  • Motmalineun Shinjjang – Sweet honey and black sesame seed snack 38g (2 Packs)  
  • Jollypong – Sweet puff wheat cereal type snack 26g (2 Packs) 
  • Caramel Corn Peanuts – Sweet caramel-flavored peanut-filled snack 24g (2 Packs)  

Conveniently sized for any time, anywhere!