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The Cuchen rice cooker features an innovative smart system that can adapt to multiple types of rice with specialized timing and temperature adjustments for the perfect batch of rice.

An easy to read LCD control panel features a voice navigation system in English, Korean, and Chinese as well as a new smart JOG dial for quick menu selections. These selections include preset modes for plain, mixed, and brown rice to accommodate specific cooking times and temperatures.

In order to cooked rice bran typical in brown rice, the Cuchen extends preheating time to effectively retain moisture while lowering the cooking temperature so the batch doesn’t become spongy.  There is even a setting for the Korean favorite, nurungji, or crunchy rice. Traditionally made during the cooking of rice over flames, nurngji is the thin crust of deliciously crisp, browned rice formed at the bottom of the pan. The Cuchen durability allow it to make this tasty Korean treat effortlessly.

Cuchen incorporates a specialized Dyking-coated edge on the inner pot to increase durability against high steam, pressure, scratches, and salty/seasoned water. Expect the perfect rice for any dish with Cuchen. 


  • Inner Cooking Pot – Dyking Coated
  • Voice Notification: Korean, English, Chinese
  • Rice Taste Control:
    • 3 Pressure Levels: sticky, medium, regular
    • Preset Modes: plain, mixed, brown, and nurungji (crunchy rice)
  • Preset Timer
  • Graphic FND + LED Screen
  • Smart Jog Dial – quick menu selection
  • One-touch Auto Cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Clean Cover – detachable
  • Keep-Warm / Reheat
  • 3 Layered Power Rubber Packing
  • Slow / Steam Cooking Mode
  • 20 Safety Devices
  • Speedy cook for mixed rice in 29 minutes
  • Made in Korea
[SEPARATE FREE SHIPPING] CUCHEN Pressure Rice Cooker (10 Cups) CJS-FD1000RV