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Enjoy the nostalgic taste of sweet dalgona (korean candy) in a cup of cappuccino!


Pour the Dalgona Coffee Mix into a cup. Then pour 90ml (a little less than half a cup) of hot water. Mix and enjoy!

Creamers (starch syrup, modified fat (coconut oil, powdered skim milk, potassium monohydregen, phsphate, casein), dalgona powder (sugar, purified water, sodium hydrogen carbonate), sugar, vegetable cream (starch syrup, coconut oil, whey powder, potassium monohydrgen phophate, sodium caseinate) powdered skim milk (powdered skim milk, whey powder), dextrin, coffee, dalgona flavor, silicon dioxide, salt.

Dalgona Cappuccino Coffee Mix (20g x 10 Sticks)