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$53.10 $59.00

Designed by Dangozai, each piece is beautifully and thoughtfully made for solo dining. You can enjoy a convenient yet sensible Korean meal alone (honbap*) in this set. Easy to stack up for simple storage and organization! 

You can purchase multiple sets for the whole family!

Included in this Dangozai Complete 8-pc Dinnerware Place Setting set:

  • 1 Rice Bowl
  • 1 Soup Bowl
  • 3 Side Dish Plates (small)
  • 1 Sauce Bowl
  • 1 Set of Spoon & Chopsticks 
  • Please note that the wooden tray in the picture is NOT included in the set.


  • Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
  • Chip Resistant
  • Stackable
  • Heavy metal non-detection test completed. 
  • Safe tableware 

*Honbap means eating alone - derived from honja (alone) + bap (rice). It's a Korean cultural trend that started a few years ago to acknowledge and accept single people who decide to live and eat alone. 

Each Dangozai product goes through rigorous heavy metal detection tests for purity. No pigments or chemicals of any kind are used, instead, natural glazes made from oak wood materials are used. It's safe tableware for the entire family, young and old!

Enjoy your next meal in Dangozai Honbap Set!


Dangozai, a Korean kitchenware brand with a 30-year tradition, uses only natural glaze made from oak wood or earthen materials as traditionally made in Korean history. They provide a modern reinterpretation of color and shape for the most convenient use in our lives.


Please note before you purchase:
Dangozai products are handcrafted, so the color, size, and pattern of each product may be slightly different from one another. Return or refund is not acceptable for this reason. Light spots are natural phenomena caused by the firing of iron contained in the onggi clay and are not defective.

    Dangozai Complete 8-pc Dinnerware Place Setting, Service for 1
    $53.10 $59.00