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Dongwon Ssencook Cooked Multigrain Rice 210g is made with 100% locally grown grains in Korea. 100% Korea-grown grains. 

Each order comes with 2 bowls of multigrain rice bowls (210g each) + 1 bowl of cooked white rice bowl 


Cooked Multigrain Rice: White Rice 70%, Sprouted Brown Rice 20%, Black Rice 4.5%, Sweet Sorghum 4.5%, Black Bean 1%, Water
Cooked White Rice: Water, Rice

Serving Instruction:

Microwave: Peel back film at the corner. Heat on high for 2 minutes and serve.
Stove Top: Put the unopened bowl in boiling water for 10 minutes and serve.

Product of Korea

Dongwon Cooked Multigrain Rice 210g (2 Bowls) + Cooked White Rice (1 Bowl)

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