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Experience the secret to Korean seafood cooking with the special Dried Herring sourced from freshly caught herring off the eastern coast of South Korea. Every Korean cook knows the secret to amazing Korean classic seafood soups and stews is in the broth. This rare species of Korean Herring is only available one time out of the entire year and boasts a deep, rich, highly versatile flavor that complements any kind of essential ingredients you may have at home. This nutritious and health-boosting herring yields no bitterness so it can be cooked whole in seafood stock without the overly fishy aroma and bitter taste. Perfect for stews, noodles, broth, and seafood stir-fry. 

This species of herring belongs to the bluefish group that’s renowned for its high content of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, Selenium, DHA and EPA. It is a nutritious and delicious ingredient for the whole family of all ages. 

Expertly sourced and dried by Baeoneunnal, a company specializing in producing rare, premium seafood and marine products known for top-quality and fresh, full taste. 


  • Just dip in gochujang and eat right away! 
  • Use as a supplementary ingredient for various side dishes

For Instant Soup Base 

  • Simply add the dried herring into some water and boil 5-10 minutes to get a rich seafood broth. 
  • Add your favorite seafood ingredients such as kelp, shrimp, crab, etc for a delicious and hearty soup.