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Easy Bonnet Bellflower Root (Deodeok) Namul Bap Mix is a healthy, nutritious rice dish that is easy to make.  Each pack comes with organic bonnet Bellflower roots, organic gondre (Korean Thistle), and carrots.

No soaking, washing or prep needed. Simply add water, uncooked rice, and the Easy Bonnet Bellflower Root Mix into a rice cooker and cook.

Since it is completely dry, the volume and weight will increase during actual cooking.

How to Prepare:

Bonnet Bellflower Root and Namul Rice: 
Add 210 ml of water, 200g of rice and a pack of Easy Bonnet Bellflower Root (Deodeok) Namul Bap Mix and mix together. Cook in a rice cooker as you would normally cook regular rice. Once done, mix it evenly and add perilla oil and soy sauce to enjoy.  Add onion, green onion, red pepper powder, sesame seeds or any vegetables to your soy sauce as desired.

Namul Bean Paste Stew:
Add 450ml of water, bean paste, and a pack of Easy Bonnet Bellflower Root (Deodeok) Namul Bap Mix. Add minced garlic, green onion, potato, zucchini and red pepper powder to your liking and bring to a boil. Enjoy!