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$129.00 $199.00

Savor the delicious, subtle roasted aroma and flavors of high-quality charcoal right at home with the Eco Ocher Charcoal Electric Grill! No-fuss, no mess, no smoke, just grill! Now you can roast your favorite meats and veggies using specialized far infrared rays and radiant heat from natural ocher ceramics. This electric-powered grill eliminates the worry of ash, soot, and smoke invading your home and private living space. Perfect for cooking indoors! 

Enjoy delicious, charcoal-like grilled meat that’s crispy on the inside and juicy on the inside~! Unlike direct-heated grills, the radiant heat from the natural ocher ceramic helps prevent an unpleasant, burnt aftertaste. 

Simply preheat for about 10 minutes in order to warm up the grill and start cooking! The far infrared rays and radiant heat of the Ocher Charcoal Electric Grill simultaneously cook meat both on the outside and inside for the best, crisp sear and juicy meat. The innovative S-shaped grill is designed to help prevent the splattering of oil as you cook and grill. 

Features a drip tray to catch all the meat drippings and grease from splattering and spilling everywhere. Conveniently detachable on both sides for easy cleaning and use. 


  • Convenient and safe use of electricity as a heat source.
  • Easy to separate components/easy to clean and use.
  • Features a drip tray that can be detached from both sides. 
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors with electricity source. 


  • Thermostat: Convenient thermostat with power indicator and power dial
  • Ocher ceramic and heating wire: Electric heat of the heating wire heats the earthen ceramic to release a significant amount of far infrared rays and radiant heat
  • Main body: Simple structure and slim design for simple, quick, and easy storage. Easily manageable with a spacious grip
  • Drip tray: Features a large capacity that can hold more than 1 liter of water. Easy to clean and detachable from both sides 
  • Grill: Designed S-shaped structure helps keep oil and moisture contained
  • Note: If you grill the meat in the middle of the grill, the oil may not drain as well and may result in some smoke
  • Product Storage Bag: Store the Eco Ocher Charcoal Electric Grill for use at home, outside, or on the go! 
  • Product Instruction Manual 
  • 4 Rubber Feet 
Eco Ocher Charcoal Electric Grill
$129.00 $199.00