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Elensilia CPP Placenta 82 

  • Elensilia CPP Placenta 82 is the true fountain of youth as it reverses aging and revitalizes youth back to your skin! Feel your skin freshen and firm up thanks to specialized stem cells that create new cells and protect your skin from external pollutants while strengthening with antioxidants. 
  • With cutting edge biotechnology this extract stimulates the formation of natural skin barriers, promoting young, radiant and ageless skin. 
  • In fact, 82 represents the 82% of placenta extract that’s also enriched with growth factors and amino acids which accelerates cell repair and actively cures various signs of aging skin. 
  • Use it as a mask primer or mix in a small amount with your favorite facial mist to bring out your inner radiance onto your skin! 

Escargot Original Repair Cream

  • This rejuvenating cream reverses skin damage thanks to it’s naturally restorative ingredients. Using pure botanical extracts and 80% snail filtrate, this silky smooth cream nourishes and protects your skin while treating dark spots and hyperpigmentation with arbutin. IN fact, our snail friends emit natural “glycosaminoglycans” that are identical to our own skin molecules! This actively heals skin damage while brightening and firming up your skin for that radiant glow.  

Elensilia CPP French Propolis 82% Resistem Ampoule 

  • This restorative ampoule is a true lifesaver for tired, overworked skin in need of some love. Our bee friends produce a natural propolis extract that heals,protects, and freshens up your skin! This formula is specially developed to truly revitalize your skin while protecting it from damage using natural key ingredients. This includes niacinamide that brightens your skin while Resistem and berry extracts protect against signs of aging.
Elensilia Facial Cream 50g (6 Pack)
$99.00 $110.00