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$22.79 $37.99

Korean Pear 50%, Bellflower Root 15%

Each stick contains 7 carefully sourced extracts, known to boost health: Korean pear, bellflowers aged 4 years, ginger, radish, jujube, lilyturf, and licorice. 

Taegyeong uses a unique fermentation method using live cultures after steaming the ingredients, resulting in higher levels of polyphenol and flavanoid content.

Made in HACCP and GAP certified factory.



Korean Pear, Korean Bellflower Root, Rice, Barley, Radish, Ginger, Jujube, Lilyturf Root, and Licorice.

Fermented Bellflower Extract with Lactobacillus (10g x 30 Sticks)
$22.79 $37.99