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Elevate your cooking with the premium Pawie Fry Pan Set featuring 6 different specialized pans for all your culinary needs! Each pan features a classic and unique pattern design based on traditional, polish-style art. Pawie is actually the polish name for peacock whose splendid, elegant feather patterns and brilliant cobalt colors inspired the design of each Pawie pan. Simple and unique, these beautifully designed, deep-cobalt pans also feature practical design elements to make cooking and cleaning quick and easy! 

A specialized non-stick coating retains the flavor and nutrition of cooking ingredients, makes transfering food between pans effortless, and is quick and easy to clean. The thick-cast aluminum and cast iron base has high-thermal efficiency so you can enjoy the natural taste and nutrition of the ingredients. The high thermal efficiency also allows the pans to work effectively with a wide variety of heat sources  such as gas stoves, electric grills, and even hot plates. The design and excellently-sourced base materials give the pans exceptional abrasion resistance and durability without the use of harmful substances (lead, cadmium, etc.).Become the master of your kitchen with top-quality, beautifully-designed pans at your disposal! 


  • Set includes a 28cm pan (2 Piece) + 28cm Deep Pan + 28cm Pot 28cm glass lid + 18cm Square Pan (1 Piece) + Large, Antibacterial Double-Sided Cutting Board