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$6.56 $8.20

Goodpokki's Jjajang Pouch Tteokbokki comes with soft and chewy rice cakes that are made with 100% Korean rice, famous black Jjajang sauce, and vegetable flakes.

Ingredients: Rice cake- 100% Korean rice, salt, citric acid, ethyl alcohol. Jjajang Powdered Sauce- wheat flour, wheat starch, dextrin, sugar, hydrated crystalline glucose, corn starch, red pepper powder, beef dashi, soy sauce powder, L-sodium glutamate, glycine, red pigment, disodium succinate, guar gum, disodium 5-ribonucleotide. Vegetable Flakes- dried cabbage, dried onion flakes, dried carrot, processed bean.
Contains milk, wheat, soybean, pork, beef, and tomato.

How to Cook:
1. Add water, powdered sauce, and flakes. 
2. Bring to a boil and add rice cakes. Stir well until rice cake softens.
3. You may add any vegetables or toppings like cheese to your liking and enjoy!

Goodpokki Jjajang Pouch Instant Tteokbokki 343g
$6.56 $8.20