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Sale Mills Express
$25.19 $35.99

A decadent rice cake dessert filled with a rich chocolate mocha and red bean mixture.
Each pack contains 15 sweet, chewy rice cakes made in Korea.

Take out of freezer and let it thaw 20-30 minutes before consuming.
DO NOT microwave, as this may melt the rice cake.
Once thawed, please do not refreeze.

Ingredients:Non-glutinous rice, castellar water, wheat flour, soybean oil, sugar, oligosaccharide, coffee powder (100% cumin beans) Processed salt (refined salt, viscous salt), mixed preparation (sugar syrup, vanilla extract), semi-sweet chocolate( sugar, vegetable fat, hazelnut, powdered skim milk, low-fat cocoa powder, lecithin (soybean), synthetic flavor (vanilla flavor, processed oil cream [crude fat,  cream (milk, carrageenan)], starch-processed product [tapioca starch, potato starch, black rice , Glutinous rice flour (sugar, almond powder [almond, flour] cacao powder [cocoa, flour, refined salt, agar powder, coffee]

Gourmet Mocha & Cream Rice Cake 600g (15 cakes)
$25.19 $35.99