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Guava Instant Non-Fried Rice Noodles was developed by Guavaland Farm in Uiryeong-gun, Gyungsangnam-do, Korea. Guavaland Farm has been developing new guava products in collaboration with renowned university labs, and are dedicated to making healthier, safer, and more reliable food products by leveraging its extensive experience and research into the cultivation of guava with unmatched quality.

Guava Non-Fried Rice Noodles are made with 100% Korean grown rice and guava leaf powder making them delightfully chewier than normal fried-noodles. 

Comes in a box of 10 packs (92g per pack)

- 100% Korean Rice
- Guava Leaf Powder Added
- No Trans Fats, No Preservatives
- Low Calories
- Non-Fried Noodles

How to Cook:
1. Open the cover and sprinkle soup powder on noodles
2. Pour boiling water up to the marked line inside the container
3. Close the lid and wait for 3~4 minutes. 
4. Stir well before eating.
5. Try with your favorite Kimchi.

8 Health Benefits of Guava Fruit and Leaves (Source: Healthline)
  • May Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels.
  • May Boost Heart Health
  • May Help Relieve Painful Symptoms of Menstruation. 
  • May Benefit Your Digestive System. 
  • May Aid Weight Loss
  • May Have an Anticancer Effect. 
  • May Help Boost Your Immunity
  • Eating Guavas May Be Good for Your Skin.
Guava Instant Non-Fried Rice Noodles - Anchovy Flavor 92g x 10 Packs
$34.73 $40.20