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4 Packs of Spicy Flavor + 4 Packs of Extra Spicy Flavor

Awaken your taste buds with the deliciously spicy Korean stir-fried octopus mix by Happy Table! This traditional spicy Korean classic brings octopus to life with rich seasonings and sweet and spicy flavors. The secret to this Happy Table's amazingly deep and rich sauce is through expert aging of native Korean ingredients. High-quality Korean Cheongyang chili peppers give a spicy kick while ripe jujube fruit rounds out the sauce with a subtle sweetness that sets it apart from conventional sauces used in spicy stir-fry. So quick and easy to prepare! Delicious even with nothing but plain white rice! 

After 3 months of extensive research dedicated solely to developing taste and flavor, Happy Table producers discovered the perfect seasoning sauce. Raw ingredients are aged for 36 hours to develop and intensify their natural flavors to reach that iconically rich, spicy and sweet flavors to traditional spicy Korean octopus stir-fry. Happy Table refuses to compromise the flavor of their sauce by giving their valuable customers a generic all-purpose sauce provided by third-market producers. 

**DO NOT THAW IN HOT WATER OR MICROWAVE! Please use cold water to thaw the baby octopus for best results!


  • Chop onions, carrots, and cabbage into bite-sized pieces along with chopped garlic. 
  • Slightly oil a frying pan and cook the vegetables first.
  • Add the spicy octopus marinade fry for 4 to 5 minutes to complete the delicious stir-fry.
  • If the spiciness is a little to hot for your taste, you can sprinkle with mozzarella cheese at the end of Baby Octopus stir-fry or add a steamed egg


  • Features innovative double packing with an additional  silver-foil inner packaging 
  • Silver foil packaging is an excellent wrapping for maintaining freshness.

Ingredient List 

  • Baby Octopus, Garlic, Pear, Red Pepper Powder, Starch Syrup (Corn Flour / Rice / Mat / Enzyme), Sugar, Soy Sauce, Mixed Cooking Oil, Red Pepper Paste (Starch Syrup, Wheat Flour / Soybean / Mixed Seasoning (Glutinous Rice Powder / Onion / Red Pepper Powder / Salt / Garlic) / Marinade / L-Sodium Glutamate / Purified Salt

Happy Table Baby Octopus Stir-Fry Mix 350g (8 Bags - 4 SPICY + 4 EXTRA SPICY)