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Try the delicious Hesed Whole Peppercorns sourced from high quality, naturally dried peppers grown in the Ratanakiri province of Cambodia. Experience the amazing fragrance and stirring flavors of Cambodian pepper that spreads through your tastebuds! The delicious combination of black and red pepper compliments each unique flavor and aroma for a balanced, refreshing taste. Comes alone or together with an optional Premium Pepper Grinder so you can enjoy freshly ground pepper right away! Simply choose your preference. 

The peppers are cultivated in the natural wilderness Cambodia’s hidden gem, Ratanakiri province. Its high temperature, humidity range, large cross-section, and fertile soil are perfect for naturally enhancing the flavor and depth of Cambodian peppers. Each tree is cultivated in these ideal conditions using only natural sunlight and clean water without any chemical treatments.

The core essence of the peppers shines through with its natural, vibrant, and intense flavor. Each pepper is selected at 4mm or more in size before being boiled and dried using traditional methods to achieve its distinctive texture and stimulating flavors. The more you grind, the richer the fragrance! 

SKU: 100010142234
Hesed Whole Peppercorn 80g (Premium Pepper Grinder Option)

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