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Taste the amazing flavors of the sea with the delicious Salted Seasoned Seafood (Jutgal) Set. 

Hyosung features 6 classic Korean Seafood seasoned with a wide range of delicious Korean spices and seasonings. Have traditional salted seafood banchan ready for dinner. 

Featuring 6 Classic Korean Salted Seasoned Seafood: 

  • Seasoned Pollock Tripes 200g 
  • Seasoned Squid 200g
  • Seasoned Small Octopus 200g 
  • Seasoned Belt Fish 200g 
  • Seasoned Pollock Roe 200g 
  • Seasoned Bibim Small Octopus Mix 200g 

Hyosung Green Food has been specializing in high-quality traditional Korean salted seafood dishes since 1970. Located in the port city of Gunsan, Hyosung strives to continuously research and develop the rich range of traditional and classic flavors of Korean seasoned seafood banchan. Just like how mom used to make! 

SKU: 100010113590
Hyosung Salted Seasoned Seafood Set 200g Each (6 Types)
$71.99 $79.99

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