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Cool down and revitalize your skin’s natural healing process with Face&Body’s deep tissue ice roller! Perfect for soothing and removing swelling while providing pain relief from irritated skin. The cold massage soothes the skin and repairs damage by UV ray exposure in outdoor activities. The cold roller massage also reduces pores to smooth out skin and enhance skin elasticity. Perfect after using a mask pack. Easy, light and portable for exercise, travel, or work regardless of location!  When you’re feeling tired and stressed due to physical and mental stress, you can instantly relax and refresh your skin with an ice massage. It also relieves eye strain caused by reading or prolonged use of a computer, making it convenient and healthy! 


  • It is good for those who are standing for a long time.
  • Provides relief to worn down skin in hands, feet, arms and legs caused by labor. 
  • Reinvigorates skin and sore muscles with the cold compress + massage.
  • Removable refrigerant roller! 
  • The refrigerant roller can be freely removed and stored in the refrigerator or when cleaning the ice roller.