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Master your home K-bbq with Igoda’s Double Sided BBQ Griddle!  

Side1: Cauldron Lid-Shaped (Sot-Ttuggeung) Non stick Indoor/Outdoor Grill Pan
Perfect for cooking pork belly, beef short rib, steak, or any type of meat or seafood. 
It's a great way to have a K-bbq party.

Side 2: The bowl-shaped grill structure helps the pan deliver uniform thermal efficiency. Great for stir-frying and grilling. 


  • Safe Material: PFOS FREE, PFOA FREE! 5 layer double sided titanium nonstick coating (PTFE): Top Coating, Titanium Coating, Mid Coating, Primer Coating, Aluminum die casting. No harmful ingredients compounds get generated. 
  • Premium Quality: Made of round casting using aluminum die casting method - precision metal processing technology. 
  • Smokeless Outer ring: The ring holds fat that drains during cooking, eliminating smoke and splattering. Just fill with water before cooking.
  • Easy cleaning
  • Works well with gas, electric, or propane stove.

*Please fill the ring halfway with water before cooking.

Weight: 1.06kg

Caution: The pan will be hot while cooking. Please do not touch or pick up with bare hands.