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Enjoy the delicious and nutritious Jang Heung Original Seaweed Flakes!  This tasty banchan is 100% Korean domestic, low in sodium, and can be enjoyed by everyone from young children to adults! It’s one of the most nutrient-dense foods with a high vitamin A, mineral, and protein content.  The Jang Heung seaweed is expertly hand-picked and crushed to release its natural umami, fresh sea taste. It’s seasoned with pure, simple ingredients including brown rice oil, sesame oil, and sea salt for it’s light, healthy, and savory flavor and aroma. Perfect with rice, soup, dumplings, tteokbokki, and much more! Great as a main, banchan, or garnish. 

Jang Heung seaweed is dried the traditional way by hand with natural sunlight and the fresh sea breeze. It’s then processed in state-of-the-art, HACCP-certified sanitary facilities and quality control.


Ingredient List

  • Jangheung Musan Seaweed 63%, Sunflower oil 32%, sesame oil 3%, sea salt 2%