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Enjoy the delicious roasted flavors of Jangheung Musan Roasted Green Seaweed Flakes! The natural umami flavor of Korean green seaweed (laver) is elevated with the warm, nutty, and savory flavors of canola and sesame oil. The aromatic roasted green laver is loaded with flavor and nutrition, great as a healthy snack for children, or a banchan (side dish) for dinner. Perfectly pairs with rice! 


    • Keep in a cool, well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.
    • Maintain the original taste and aroma of seaweed for a long time by keeping in the refrigerator.
    • The crisp seaweed may become damp from humidity during the rain or summer season.
    • Simply microwave for about 10 seconds for the crispy texture. 
    • Caution: Longer than 30 seconds may burn the seaweed.


    • Sourced from high-quality, 100% Jangheung Musan seaweed. 
    • Jangheung Musan is the first company in Korea created by real fishermen. 


    Green Laver Seaweed 37.65%, Canola oil (from Canada) 35.29%, Sugar, stir-fried sesame seeds, sesame oil, refined salt