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Why choose Musan Seaweed? Jangheung Musan Seaweed is a reliable laver that uses no hydrochloric acid in the laver process. This clean and natural seaweed is produced in a traditional, eco-friendly way that preserves its unique texture and deep aroma of the sea. 

Jangheung-gun, which produces Musan laver, is a clean sea area located in the southernmost tip of the Korean peninsula, Jeongnamjin.

Almost all laver farms use strong hydrochloric acid to remove algae and other organic matter that naturally stick to the laver. During this process, algae will melt and only tough, durable laver will survive. However, Jangheung Musan produces safe and healthy laver by using traditional methods that are time-consuming, but completely free of hydrochloric acid, which can cause environmental damage and mutation of the laver. 

This natural technique prevents algae growth on the laver by flipping the laver frequently with a gimbal. Healthy laver can only be obtained through hard work that doubles the time and effort to turn over the gimbal frequently in the cold winter.


  • You can feel the unique taste and aroma of Musan Seaweed if you grill it or bake it. 
  • Perfect for wrapping kimbap or traditional rolls and sushi. 
  • Store in a cool, well-ventilated place away from sunlight and moisture.
  • After opening, eat as soon as possible, the remaining seaweed can be left in the freezer if well-sealed.