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Energize your body with healthy nutrients from Jeju Haenyeo Village Instant Mixed Rice with Sea Snails (also known as Asian Rapa Whelk)! This amazing blend of brown rice, glutinous rice, and beans features sea snails straight from the shores of Jeju island by the Jeju Haenyo. The Jeju Haenyo are special female sea divers that dive directly into the sea to handpick the sea snails! Whelk is rich in taurine, which helps protect the liver, promote fatigue recovery, and vision. The brown rice, glutinous rice, and beans provide additional nutrition as well! After being picked, the seafood ingredients are sorted by hand and provided to customers at the lowest price possible. 

Simple, quick, and easy to make so you can enjoy the delicious flavor and nutrition of Jeju Haenyo Village Instant Rice (Japgokbap) anytime, anywhere! Perfect for those with busy schedules in need of nutrition and energy! 

Cooking Directions:

1. Remove sauce from the package. 

2. Slightly open the plastic top before placing in the microwave for approximately 2 minutes. 

3. Add sauce and enjoy! 


18 different types of nutritional ingredients: Short grain white rice, sea snail, Hijiki seaweed (tot), purified water, brown rice, glutinous rice, sticky black rice, barley, glutinous brown rice, germinated brown rice, germinated black rice, flat barley, black bean, red bean

Jeju Haenyeo Village Instant Mixed Rice with Sea Snails 210g (5 Packs per Box)