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King Bean presents the roasted, 100% Korean sword bean coffee alternative that’s simply perfect for those sensitive to caffeine. Instead of drinking that third or fourth cup late in the day, try relaxing with a soothing, nutrition-packed cup of King Bean Original. This blend is a zero-caffeinated substitutive tea to coffee made of freshly roasted and finely ground Korean sword bean. King Bean roast the sword beans through an innovative method that does not produce carcinogens and increases the bean’s natural antioxidants 4X. Great for those looking to focus without the jitters and others looking to avoid caffeine such as those going through pregnancy.


  • Cut the paper along the dotted line. Pull the bottom of paper clip. Hang the clips on both sides of cup and attach. 
  • Boil water. 
  • Start by evenly soaking it by pouring around ¼ cup of water. 
  • Repeat the extracting process multiple times by adding a little more hot water each time. 
  • After extraction, dispose of filter by pulling up the clips. 


  • 100% Korean Sword Bean Roasted (Domestic)
King Bean Original Caffeine Free Sword Bean Tea - Coffee Alternative
$17.81 $22.27