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$29.99 $37.49

Replenish daily collagen and nutrients intake by taking one stick of KOCO200 Premium Korea Collagen Powder each day! It's the perfect way to restore collagen and other nutrients for men and women of all ages. 

The 2g collagen stick each contains 1,200mg of 197 Da nano collagen, vitamin C (essential for collagen synthesis), hyaluronic acid and elastic (3 major components of the dermis along with collagen), biotin (maintains hair and skin health), zinc (reinforces immunity), and lactobacillus. 

Can be consumed with any type of drink or sprinkle over of your choice or simply by itself anytime, anywhere. 

100% produced and manufactured in Korea.

Precaution: Do not store the powder in liquid form. 

KOCO200 Premium Korea Collagen Powder Stick Type Lemon Flavor (2gx30 sticks)
$29.99 $37.49