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Featuring premium Korean Salted Saury Sauce enriched with flavor and nutrients! The combination of domestic Korean ingredients, natural salt, and patented low temperature aging technology yields an amazing sauce perfect for marinating and making kimchi. Salted Korean saury also contains calcium and other healthy nutrients. Its amazingly deep, rich, and complex depth of flavors are the essence of Korean kimchi, salads, and more! 


  • Fresh saury caught near Pohang, Korea is salted using 100% Korean Shinan sea salt 
  • Aged for at least two years! (Most market fish sauces age for 4-5 months). 
  • Expertly fermented in traditional Korean pottery (oongi) at low temperatures (below 25°C/77°F). 
  • Aged surrounded by native Korean pine trees. 
  • Purified for 48 hours to a fine, dark, concentrated sauce perfect for boosting flavor.
  • Processed using state-of-the-art equipment in clean, HACCP-certified facilities.
  • Best base for all kinds of Korean kimchi from Napa kimchi to mud-kimchi (water kimchi), cucumber kimchi, salads, and much more! 


  • Store in refrigerator or in a cool place. 
  • The sauce may separate into layers, simply shake well before use. 
Korean Saury Sauce 900ml
$21.59 $26.99