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Experience a taste of native Korea with the Korean Seasoned Cockle Set from Beolgyo! Featuring fresh cockles produced in the large, clean mudflats of Korea known for their rich nutrition and amazing natural flavor. Widely known in Korea as one of the most healthy ingredients, they are packed with protein and essential amino acids! The fresh, 100% Korean cockles are trimmed, deodorized, cleaned, and immediately frozen in HACCP-certified sanitary facilities to preserve their natural taste and nutrition.

Each cockle is sourced from the Beolgyo coast known for its clean air and rich natural environment. Beolgyo is well known for producing Korea’s best sea cockles! 

Enjoy all four selections included in each order: 

  • Beolgyo Small Cockle 100g x 4
  • Beolgyo Medium Cockle 100g x 4
  • Beolgyo Cockle-Jang 170g x 4
  • Beolgyo Soy Sauce Seasoned Cockle x 4

Each is packed conveniently in 170g portions for quick and easy access! You can keep in the freezer and thaw when ready! 


100% Korean Cockle (Boseong Beolgyosan)

Beolgyo Small & Medium Korean Cockle: 

  • Steamed and ready to eat so you can save time and energy from cleaning and deshelling! Simply remove from the packaging and defrost in lukewarm water to enjoy. 
  • Ingredient List: 100% Sea-Cockle (100 g)

Beolgyo Cockle-Jang 

  • Made with fresh Korean vegetables and natural condiments added to freshly-collected cockles from Beolgyo. 
  • Excellent as a side dish to a meal, with plain rice, as Korean bar food, or added in Korean dishes such as fried rice, bibim noodles, and bibimbap. 
  • Ingredient List: Sea-Cockle, Starch Syrup, Cockle Broth, Soy Sauce, Purified Water, Green Onions, Garlic, Leek, Red Pepper Powder, Sesame Oil, Sesame Seed, Plum Juice Concentrate, Pepper

Beolgyo Soy Sauce Seasoned Cockle

  • Made with soy sauce and Korean vegetables including garlic, onions, and green onions. 
  • Packed with flavor! A delicious seasonal side dish for all ages! Also pairs well with alcohol as bar food! Enjoy with fried rice, bibim noodles, and bibimbap. 
  • Try freshly cooked rice, eggs, sesame oil, chives, cheongyang peppers, and soy sauce seasoned cockle! 
  • Ingredient List: Sea-Cockle, Brewed Soy Sauce, Katsuo Soy Sauce Base, Water, Refined Rice Wine, Sugar, Garlic, Pepper, Cheongyang Red Pepper, Pepperoncini
Korean Seasoned Cockle (4 Sets of 4)