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Create the delicious Korean classic right at home with the Korean Spicy Naengmyeon Seasoning Sauce from Cham Elm. This specialty sauce combines amazing sweet, spicy, and sour flavors in a modern twist to a traditional recipe. You don’t need a lot of sauce to unlock the true taste of Korean spicy naengmyeon. You can use with a variety of Korean dishes including makguksu noodles, gwamegi (dried fish), naengchae jokbal (Korean pork dish), sashimi, vegetables, and much more!  


  • You can add vinegar and plum juice to sauce for additional flavor. 


Ingredient List

  • Starch syrup 27 5%, white sugar 13,95%, onion 11.8% red pepper powder 10.8%, vinegar 9.7%, garlic 7.7%, gochujang 4.55% Soy sauce 3.2% Flower salt 2.8%, Ginger 0.53%, Sesame 0 596 Again 1.65%, (Sodium glutamate 1.2%, cider 3.2% alphacon 0.9% (corn 10006). Elm powder 0.02%. 
Korean Spicy Naengmyeon Seasoning Sauce 500g
$7.17 $8.97