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Savor one of Korea’s most traditional and healthy snacks with Lee Dong Hyun’s Roasted Brown Rice Nurungji. This healthy Korean favorite is made from 100% domestic, pesticide-free, all-natural Korean brown rice to achieve it’s delicious, distinctly smokey, roasted flavor. Nurungji is essentially the thin crust that forms on the bottom of traditional Korean pots and pans when cooking rice over the fire. Every Korean remembers searching the bottom of the rice pot for the golden, crispy, and addictingly tasty treat as a child. It's the perfect healthy snack that will make potato chips seem like a distant memory!

Local Korean producers in Misilan partnered with the RDA (Rural Development Administration) in joint research and development of healthy, high-quality, eco-friendly brown rice. Natural Korean brown rice is lower in carbohydrates and calories than white rice while containing rich amounts of dietary fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamin B. In fact, brown rice actually contains 5X more calcium and vitamins than traditional white rice, sustaining its rich taste and nutrition through the roasting process. Crispy, crunchy, and delicious nurungji from the specially selected rice is roasted and collected in traditional Korean iron pots resulting in its vibrant orange-brown color. It’s a nutritious and tasty snack that kids and adults will enjoy! Just add water and your favorite toppings to make the traditional Korean stew “nurungji tang”.


Ingredient List

  • Pesticide-Free Brown Rice 100%
  • Item manufacturing report number: 20070516001-36
Lee Dong Hyun's Roasted Brown Rice Nurungji 120g
$6.43 $8.04