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Each order will be 2-day shipped separately immediately after verification to maintain freshness. 

Pyeongchang Kotsooni Kimchi features 100% Korean whole napa cabbage and has a delicious spicy flavor and crunch. This iconic Korean staple is made from high-quality, healthy, and all-natural domestic Korean ingredients. 

Freshly cleaned and inspected whole Napa cabbage from Gangwon-do is mixed with high-potassium kimchi seasoning to achieve it’s distinctive spicy, savory flavor and satisfying crunch. It contains less salted fish sauce to lower the high sodium content of regular kimchi. 

Gangwon-do’s fresh, cold climate and clean air are famous for producing some of Korea’s best kimchi! Gangwon-do napa cabbage undergoes a thorough, HACCP-certified hygienic and systematic manufacturing process to ensure top quality and safety to consumers. The premium taste of Gangwon-do Kimchi supplies kimchi to Korean schools, hospitals, and multiple businesses.  


Ingredient List

  • 70% Pickled napa cabbage (98% napa cabbage, 2% refined salt), 15%,radish, 3.5% red pepper powder, 2.2% garlic, anchovy fish sauce 2.1% (75% anchovies, 25% bay salt), 1.6% onion, salted shrimp 1.2%, (75% shrimp, 25% bay salt), 1% rice , 0.8% green onion, 0.5% L-sodium glutamate 0.6% , 0.5% leek, 0.5% mustard leaf, 0.5% sugar, 0.4% ginger, 0.1% shredded pollock.
  • Napa cabbage is brought to a specialized washroom
  • Four-stage cleaning
  • Manual cleaning
  • Shower cleaning
  • Removal of browning leaves
  • Inspection for foreign matter
  • Mixed with kimchi seasoning
  • Final Inspection
  • Triple-packing: The kimchi is packaged in three layers, including double sterile plastic wrap + cool ice pack + styrofoam finish.


  • Storage method: Refrigerate and avoid direct sunlight (0-10 °C/32-50°F) 
  • (For storage below 4°C/39.2°F). 
  • For the 1st week, the Kimchi will maintain its crunchy texture (Ideal with boiled pork slices). 
  • By the 3rd week, the kimchi will start ripening, getting tangy and crisp.  
  • By the 5th week, nutrition and taste are at their most abundant and delicious.
  • By the 7th week, the kimchi will be very ripe, and healthy lactobacilli will have developed. (It’s the best time to make kimchi fried rice or kimchi jjagae!) 

 Helpful tip! How to restore sour kimchi?

  • When kimchi becomes overly sour, add raw eggs in the container with the kimchi.
  • Twelve hours later, the sour taste will be significantly less intense.
  • Through this process, the eggs become soft but rest assured that there is nothing wrong with its content. You can use the eggs later for cooking! 

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[LIMITED TIME OFFER] Pyeongchang Kotsooni Whole Napa Cabbage Kimchi (5 kg/11 lb)

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