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Crunch your way through a delicious bag of Lotte Korean Injeolmi Rice Chips! Each savory bite of rice chip melts in your mouth leaving you instantly craving for more. Injeolmi is a savory traditional Korean rice cake made from sweet rice and coated in bean powder.  These injeolmi-flavored chips are light, crispy, chewy, and addictingly delicious! Rice chips are healthier than normal potato chips and are perfect for the whole family! 


Ingredient List

  • Rice snack (rice, tapioca starch, refined salt), mixed edible oil (Palm olein oil, Seaweed oil) Injeol seasoning [sugar, stir-fried soybean flour, stir-fried other rice flour (rice) refined salt]
  • Contains soybean
Lotte Korean Injeolmi Rice Chips 120g