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Sink into delicious, crispy and chewy Margaret Original Butter and Peanut Cookies! This tasty treat is crispy on the outside and delightfully soft, chewy, and moist on the inside. Each bite is filled with the savory, toasted flavors of peanut and classic low-salt French butter. Absolutely perfect with a glass of milk! Try heating the cookies in the microwave for about 20 seconds for an even richer Margaret Original taste! 

Each box comes with 18 individually wrapped packs (2 cookies in each pack). 


Ingredient List 

  • Wheat flour, cake powder [wheat flour sugar, egg turnover (), rapeseed oil, processed beets, shortening (processed oil (palm nuclear-esterified oil (from Malaysia)), palm oil (from Malaysia), tallow), sugar, D-sorbitol solution, egg turnover, peanut or nut processed products, margarine, polyglycitol syrup, glycerin, grain processed products, mixed milk powder, shortening, sugar processed products, almond powder, grain processed products, alcohol, mixed preparations (modified starch, sugar, dextrin), refined salt, sugar processed products, mixed preparations (calcium phosphate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, potassium hydrogen stannate, starch), butter (from France), acidity regulator, emulsifier, lecithin, synthetic fragrance (vanilla, butter, peanut), processed cheese, acidity regulator, palm extract
  • Contains cheese, vanilla, butter, peanut, almond powder, palm oil, nut-processed products. 
Lotte Margaret Original 396g