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Master all elements of garlic with the Mari Steiger Twist-It Super Easy Garlic Chopper.  No more tiring yourself out with crushing, chopping, or mincing raw garlic by hand and dealing with the sticky mess.  Adjust the garlic chopper for your needs, whether you need chopped garlic or smooth garlic paste. No more having to buy pre-minced garlic at almost double the price and using needless space in the home fridge. Enjoy fresh, aromatic garlic instantly!  Easy cleaning, portability, and storage. Try it with all kinds of your favorite ingredients from garlic to ginger, chili peppers, olives, nuts, and much more. 


  • Avoid stuffing too much garlic into the Mari Steiger garlic chopper all at once. 
  • Limit to 2-3 garlic cloves per twist.  
  • After adding garlic, simply press from the top and twist
  • During use, just twist, twist, twist ~ until the garlic is completely ground down and you can hear the clicking sound of the chopper interlocking. 
  • Simply twist less for thicker chopped garlic. 


    • Safe blade-less mechanism to avoid cuts. 
    • Easy portable miniature size. 
    • Can also be used to store freshly chopped/minced garlic. 
    • Simple and easily disassembly for convenient and thorough cleaning. 
  • Avoid dishwashing as high temperatures will lead to product shape deforming. 
    • Store in a dry place at room temperature. 
    Mari Steiger Easy Twist Garlic Chopper
    $7.16 $10.24