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Eel extract is made with 90.7% original giant mottled eel, Korean herbal ingredients including 6 year old red ginseng, and Korean pears.  Ingredients are carefully prepared using only 100% Korea grown ingredients. 

This eel extract is loaded with nutrients such as vitamin E, protein, zinc, unsaturated fatty acid, collagen, mucin and much more. It is a great health supplement for people who need to bring up their energy level or need stamina boost.

No Sugar, Cholesterol, Trans Fat, Fat, or Saturated Fat

Ingredients: Eel extract 90.7%, allium hookeri 8.8%, red ginger extract 0.05%, wild cultivated ginseng extract 0.05%, pear extract 0.4%

Usage: take one pack once or twice a day.

Mootae Eel Extract 350ml x 30 Packs per Order
$68.99 $86.25